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Imaging STEM: Classroom Start Kit


Put the 'A' into STEAM with this cross disciplineimaging kit

  • Overview

    This comprehensive imaging kit will allow your students to explore a wide variety of ways to capture the world around them; taking pictures of things to small, fast or out of reach for their eyes to see. 


    This kit is designed for a class of about 25 students working in pairs or small groups. The main electronics and image specific components are in this kit, however there are additional craft packs available with general construction materials suitable for a wide range of our STEM kits.


    There is online material to assist both teachers and students in using the hardware provided in this kit. This should allow students to learn independently and solve problems without too much teacher intervention.

  • Electronics

    • (10) ESP-32 Microprocessor Boards (with Wifi and Bluetooth)
    • (10) FTDI programming Modules for the ESP-32
    • (6) Camera Modules for the ESP-32
    • (6) Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • (6) 3.5 inch Touchscreen LCD for Pi
    • (6) ABS Case for Pi
    • (6) 32GB SD Card for Pi
    • (6) Power Adapter + Heatsinks for Pi
    • (6) HDMI cables for Pi
    • (4) IR (infra red - night vision) Camera Modules for Pi
    • (20) RGB LED's (programmable with Pi or ESP32)
    • (2 meters) RGB Strip Lights
    • (4) Endoscopes 3.5 meter cable for iOS / Android / Windows / Mac systems
    • (1) Colour Flatbed Scanner (High Resolution)