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As teachers we all want to be able to deliver meaningful education, however with the amount of new skills required to deliver meaningful STEM education it can feel like a burden having to teach it.

At Mango Logic our team of experienced educators with both Primary and Secondary classroom experience have developed and put together our own kits and curriculum to help with this delivery.

Kits include:

  • Parts for the projects & Spares

  • A video introduction for teachers explaining the project, what they might expect to know and all the other details that will allow a smooth and comfortable delivery

  • Teaching materials such as worksheets and slideshows 

  • A student facing web based front end with resources for the students to find out more information.

 STEM Activities & Kits | Mango Logic | Thailand

3 categories of projects

  • Classroom based

  • Makerspace Ready (3D printing and basic tools)

  • Workshop based (access to woodworking tools)

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